Are you a Canadian resident looking to save money and purchase a new vehicle from the US? We can help!

Being only 43 miles from the Canadian border, means we have years of experience helping Canadian residents make car buying in the States as easy as possible. Please read through all the information below, then call 1-800-834-1551 to begin the process.

Contact Information

Bureau of Customs & Border Protection

Vehicle/ Equipment Outbound Team

9901 Pacific Highway

Blaine, WA 98230-9299

Phone: (360) 332-2632

Fax: (360) 332-2639


Export Hours

Monday - Friday 8:00am - 3:30pm



Exporting Process

This requirement ONLY pertains to LAND BASED / SELF PROPELLED vehicles

Required Documents

These Documents must be on file with our office for 3-business days prior to export!!

  • Title/Certificate of Ownership, which includes Salvage title, rebuilt title, or flood title. (Because Washington State does not issue a Salvage title the required document to export a salvaged vehicle out of Washington is a PUBLIC DISCLOSURE FORM, which can be obtained from the Department of Licensing in Olympia. Contact Washington Department of Licensing Public Disclosure Section at (360-902-3760 for further information.)
  • Bill of sale, this can be a hand written document between buyer and seller. If vehicle was a gift a letter of gift can be substituted for bill of sale. If you are the titled owner of the vehicle a bill of sale. If you are the titled owner of the vehicle a bill of sale is not required.

A few common exceptions

  • Vehicle's that are being financed through a U.S. based lender often do not have a titled issued for that vehicle. A letter from the finance company granting permission for that vehicle to leave the country can be used in lieu of title.
  • Off road vehicles often do not have titles issued to them in those cases an invoice can be used in lieu of title.
  • Brand new vehicles bought from dealerships will have a title. Manufactures Statement of Origin, (MSO) or a Certificate of Origin can be used in lieu of a title.

Once all required documents have been obtained, fax the documents to our office at 360.332.2639. Documents may also be hand delivered to our office or we can accept them via e-mail if you have the ability. These documents must be on file, in our office, 3-business days to process these documents; during this 3-day period, the vehicle must remain in the United States. Here are examples of how to calculate when the vehicle will be ready for export. If you submit the paper work on Monday, the vehicle will be ready for export on Thursday, as long as there are no holidays with in that time frame. If you submit the paperwork on Thursday your vehicle will not be ready for export until the following Tuesday. Any paper work received after 3:00pm will not be processed until the following day, meaning the 3-day clock will not start until the following day. Weekends do not count towards the 3-day period. Once again, the vehicle must be in the United States during the 3 Business day period! If the vehicle is already in Canada and you wish to export it, the vehicle must be brought back to the United States for the 3-day period!!

Checked Status of your paper work (do not assume that your fax was received)

1-2 days after submitting documents to our office, send us an email stating that you are checking the status of your vehicle. Make sure email includes Year, Make, Model, and what state vehicle is titled in. If there is a carrier company that will be transporting the vehicle across the border include carry company name. If email is not available to you, call our message service and leave the same information as well as a contact number.

EMAIL: Phone number to message service: 360.332.2632

Day of Export

After the 3- business day requirement has been met and your vehicle has been cleared for export bring vehicle and ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS to our office during hours of operation which are 8:00am 3:30pm Monday-Friday.


Exit interstate 5 at exit 275. Proceed through two stoplights, Boblett and H Street. Continue up and over a small hill, at the bottom of the hill, there will be a turnout on the left side of the road, leading around a small building with a sign that reads KIOSK, park next to that building. Carefully cross the lanes of traffic that are entering the U.S., and proceed into the Customs and Border Protection building. Once inside, we are located on the left side of the lobby, just past the first counter.

Storage Information

A to Z Self Storage

Contact phone number: 360.332.8016

C & G Sales & Rentals

Contact phone number: 360.354.2444

Yorky's Gas Station

Contact phone number: 360.332.4341

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we received. If your question is not answered then please feel free to contact us via e-mail or phone.

  1. Do you need originals at the time of application for export?

    When you submit the application to our office, it is NOT necessary to send us the originals. A copy of all three of the required documents is sufficient to start the process.

  2. What if I don't have the original title?

    You will have to get one.

  3. Do I need to have the title issued in my name?

    No. It is unnecessary for you to have title issued in your name. All that is required is to have the original title and a legal transfer of ownership (bill-of-sale). If you have the vehicle title transferred into your name, you will only delay the process.

  4. What if the state I am purchasing the vehicle in has a paperless title issued?

    You will have to wait until you receive the paper title. We are not able to communicate with the states that have paperless titles.

  5. What if I purchased a vehicle that has an electronic / paperless title?

    We will not be able to start the export process until you have received the paper title.

  6. Can I have the sell FAX you a copy of the title and I'll FAX the worksheet?

    No, due to the volume of applications we receive, we are unable to receive partial applications and match them up with each other. Please only submit complete applications to our office.

  7. What happens if I have already taken my car to Canada and need to export it?

    You will have to bring the vehicle back to the United States and submit the application to export. The vehicle must then stay inside the United States until the 72-business hours have elapsed and your vehicle has been cleared for export.

  8. What if I cannot get to your office during your normal business hours?

    While we cannot tell you what to do, we would suggest that you either have someone you trust export the vehicle during our normal business hours or you can pay a company to export it.

  9. Is there any way to expedite the 72-hour process?

    No. Our Federal Law mandates this timeframe.

  10. Can I take my vehicle to Canada during the export process?


  11. Do I still have to wait for 72-business hours if I have an MSO?


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